Foreigners in Ukraine
16 March 2022 17:45

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has established an emergency hotline for foreign students wishing to leave Ukraine because of the Russian armed aggression.

 Those who require assistance can call, Viber or Telegram the following number: 

+380 93418 56 84

The questionnaire has also been created for collecting basic information about students and their whereabouts in order to advise them on the means available for their departure:

The Government of Ukraine is in close constant contact with diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign countries to ensure that their citizens are safe and able to return to their countries as soon as possible. 
The Ukrainian border guards in cooperation with colleagues from neighboring EU countries and Moldova are doing everything possible to speed up the passage of all citizens from Ukraine and have never created obstacles that would hinder this.
The Ministry wishes to advise that all checkpoints on the western border are open 24 hours a day. Checks and check-in operations have been simplified as much as possible and the list of necessary documents has been minimized.
In Ukraine, there is no discrimination based on race, skin color or nationality, including when it comes to the crossing of the state border by foreign citizens. The first come first served approach applies to all nationalities.
In accordance with international humanitarian law, priority is given to women and children. All men, both Ukrainian nationals and foreign citizens, pass checks and check-in operations after women, children and elderly people.
All people at the border are asked to comply with law and order and to act responsibly in light of the challenging situation. This will allow the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to speed up the border crossing process. Those who are crossing are asked to have documents ready and to be as organized as possible. In addition, we ask that those crossing show mutual respect and understanding to everyone at the border during this extremely difficult time. Border guard personnel are working around the clock on both sides, in difficult conditions, to make the crossing as fast and and as straight-forward as possible. 

We would like to reiterate that the ongoing severe humanitarian situation in Ukraine, including the situation at the western border of Ukraine, was caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Russia bears full responsibility for the killing and injuring of innocent people, destruction of civilian infrastructure, and creating obstacles for the safe departure of foreign citizens.  
Ukraine calls on all foreign governments to demand from President Putin that he immediately stops his war in Ukraine. This will allow us to stabilize the situation and focus more on the safety and security of the population, including foreign students.

Within the martial law education in the Ukrainian Universities will take place online or in multimodal ways per 2021/22 educational years

Students’ attestation will happen according to the rules established by a proper Ukrainian university.

If a university located in a zone of military actions is not capable to provide appropriate and safe conditions for taking exams, an attestation will be made according to the results of the education of a student.

Students who wish to return just to continue or to finish their studies should do it taking into consideration peculiarities of the process throughout the term of the martial law.

All the questions regarding a process of the education should be addressed directly to a university.

Foreign students can contact the hotline created by Ukrainian State Center for International Education in case of emergency: +38 067 402-63-61 (whatsapp, viber, telegram).

Also, there are e-mail address of the Center:

[email protected] – for official letters;

[email protected] – for a registration of the invitations;

[email protected] – for agents, who have official contracts with Ukrainian universities for recruitment of the students.

Attention! An attestation of students of medical universities will be made within the procedure approved be the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine, dated the 19-th March, 2022, no.316

Dear Gentlemen and Ladies,

who expressed his/hers will to go to Ukraine as a volunteer to assist as much as possible!

We very much appreciate your desire to aide Ukraine in this very difficult period, but because of the accusations of the Republic of Senegal on a procedure of volunteer’s registration for further joining the International Legion in Ukraine, we are obliged to stop the process of booking.

Thank you very much for your support and your understanding!

To the attention of the persons, who are going to cross the border with the EU's countries and with Moldova  

You can have any clarification on issues with border crossing by lines: 

Western regional office  – tel. (+38 032) 275 62 90.

A border with Poland 
Volyn border post (a border with Poland in Volyn region) – 
tel. (+38 033) 272 09 20.
Lviv border post  (a border with Poland in Lviv region) – 
tel. (+38 032) 239 01 23.

A border with Slovakia, Hungaria 
Tchops border post  (a border with Slovakia, Hungary) – 
tel. (+38) 067 181 42 67.

A border with Romania, Moldova  

Chernivtsi border post  – (a border with Romania, Moldova in Chernivtsi region) – 

tel. (+38 037) 259 19 49.

Mogilyv-Podiyskyy border post – (a border with Moldova in Vinnytsa region ) – 
tel. (+38 043) 376 01 41.

Important information for Ukrainians and foreign citizens who came to the foreign countries or moved to the other more safe regions of Ukraine because of the war in Ukraine and are looking for a place to stay!
And also for the citizens of Ghanna, Liberia, Senegal, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gabon, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Capo-Verde who have the opportunity to help settle people from Ukraine or place them for free in their homes!
We would like to inform you that the official resource "Shelter" works:
On this site, you can post information about the shelter, the number of free places, and contacts where you can offer or find free accommodation.
It is a convenient and proven service that helps coordinate the efforts of those who seek help and who can provide it.
We urge the citizens of Great Britain to use the "Shelter" website if you want to help women and children who have been forced to come to your country flee the war!
Pay attention, passing of persons through the state border is performed by authorized officials of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in accordance with valid passport or other documents provided by the legislation and international treaties. 

It is particularly emphasized, that permit to pass for adult citizens of Ukraine is performed in accordance with passports for traveling abroad according to the Order No. 57 of the Cabinet of Ministers as of 27.01.1995

In exceptional cases, particular decisions may be made on passing persons who head abroad with the purpose of evacuation, and medical treatment. Herewith, the more documents issued by the state authorities of Ukraine which approve humanitarian aim of travel a person can submit to passport control, the easier it is to make a decision on his/her passing. Border guards can also take into account the fact of holding military actions and working of Administrative Services Center in the region which a person is heading from. 

Also reminding, within the period of marital law regime, for children under 16 years of age leaving is possible while accompanied with one of parents, grandmother, grandfather, adult brother, sister, stepmother, stepfather or other persons authorized by one of parents with written declaration, certified by custody and guardianship authority without consent of another patent certified by notary, and in case of having passport of the citizen of Ukraine or birth certificate of a child (if passport of the citizen of Ukraine is not applicable) / documents containing data about the person, on the basis of which State Border Guard Service allows state border crossing.
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