Export oriented companies of Ukraine
16 February 2015 19:15

Private Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k food concentrates plant» 

The plant is one of the largest in Ukraine with a complete production cycle. It produces: coffee, ground; coffee drinks and instant drinks with nutritious supplements; cereals (corn flakes, sweet and salty pads); confectionery (wafers);  food concentrates (soups); desserts (jelly); bread crumbs.


ADEPT-INDSYSTEMS LLC is the international engineering company, which implements the most complex works on designing, equipment supply, construction and maintenance of agro-industrial facilities.

«Aisberg» Ltd

«Aisberg» company was found in 1989 and for more than 20 years successfully works on the market of commercial refrigeration, being one of the leaders among Ukrainian producers of refrigerated equipment for retail.

Iceblick Ltd.

Iceblick, Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a result of creative and business collaboration of companies from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the USA. Our company encompasses industrial enterprises, research laboratories, planning and design offices, assembling, balancing and commissioning crews employing highly qualified specialists.

Iceblick, Ltd. is one of the global market leaders for gas products. 
We supply about 60% of the world's neon and more than 20% of krypton and xenon worldwide.

Subsidiary Enterprise «Drill Collars and Kellys  Plant»

Since its foundation SE “Drill Collars and Kellys Plant” manufactures drill collars and kellys for drilling operations in oil and gas extraction, as well as for exploratory drilling in all climatic zones. The enterprise also produces metal products for various purposes, forged pieces and castings of various steel grades.


Wallpaper Factory «VINIL» is one of the leaders of Ukrainian wallpaper business. The enterprise produces all types wallpaper known in the world, according to European standards, on paper and flizeline base, under a trade mark «LANITA». Official enterprise’s web-site: http://www.lanita.com.ua

Production-commercial company «Viluta» LLC

«Viluta» LLC production-commercial company is one of the leading manufacturers of bed linen in Ukraine. We have significantly expanded our product range by developing fabrication of bed linen of good quality at reasonable prices and by opening up manufacture of luxury bed linen, bath towels and blankets, pillows, bedspreads and other home textiles. Production capacity of «Viluta» LLC PCC Company allows fabricating 2000 bed linen kits per shift. The company is interested in the expansion of sales markets and is looking for partners abroad.

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant»

The plant is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in the fields of production:  explosives (composite solid rocket propellants and items of their content, etc.), disposal (various types of ammunition unsuitable for further storage and application;  solid propellant, etc.), scientific research on (development of high-energetic materials and items, etc.), design and engineering (technologies and equipment for production and disposal of explosion and fire dangerous materials and items, etc.)

Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant Ltd

The enterprise is operating over ten years in the market producing and delivering capillary tubes, thin-walled and extremely thin-walled tubes of stainless steel, scale- resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys, refractory metals and alloys nonferrous metals, Ti and Ti-based alloys as well as elbows with bending radius Rmed ≤ 1 OD.

Pryvate joint-stock company "Impulse"

Enterprise Furniture. Materials - wood, chipboard, MDF, metal, glass, mirror. Types of furniture - Case furniture, upholstered furniture. By appointment: home, office, school. In the production: serial, order.

AvtoKrAZ, Public Joint-Stock Company

The AvtoKrAZ Public Joint-Stock Company is one of the biggest CIS companies engaged in production of KrAZ heavy-duty vehicles: dump trucks, platform trucks, fifth-wheel truck tractors, timber lorries, log trucks, chassis intended for mounting of various installations.

A whole range of the company’s products is certified in accordance with the UKRSEPRO Ukrainian Standards Requirements and GOST R Russian Standards Requirements. Rugged, reliable and high quality KrAZ heavy-duty trucks intended for operation in different climate and road conditions are recognized by a wide range of customers.

Subject of enterprise: manufacturing of heavy-duty trucks and spare parts to   them

Main products: KrAZ vehicles, spare parts

 «Elektromotor», PJSC

Today "Elektromotor" JSC is one of the leading enterprises in the Ukraine in manufacture of induction motors for general, industrial and special purpose, including: ones of high accuracy, embedded ones, motors with tropicalized construction, ones with high slip, geared ones, with built-in electromagnetic brake for transformers cooling, etc.

TzDV «Fabryka «Trembita»

Factory was founded in 1945. It's located in industrial district of Lviv (Western Ukraine). The  area of Factory is 1 hectare. The factory has full support for       wood processing. Industrial premises occupy an area of 6000 m2. Fixed assets enterprises account for 1.7 million US dollars. Factory works in two directions: 1) production of acoustic musical instruments (guitars, kobza, domra, bandura, dulcimer) 2) the manufacture of furniture (tables and chairs).

«Kryukov Railway Car Building Works» PJSC

Subject of enterprise: Manufacturing of spare parts for railway rolling stock, freight cars and locomotive-hauled passenger coaches, EMUs, DMUs, metro cars, escalators, containers

Main products: Spare parts for railway rolling stock, freight cars and locomotive-hauled passenger coaches, EMUs, DMUs, metro cars, escalators, containers The company was founded in 1869 and has IRIS certificate

PJSC «Poltava Machinery Plant»

Subject of enterprise: production of machines and equipment for the manufacture of food production units to steam turbines

Main products: industrial equipment for processing meat or poultry and spare parts to it; units to steam turbines

The Group of Companies «Sodruzhestvo» LLC

The main activities of the enterprise include sale, supply and transportation of natural gas, construction and operation of natural gas networks. The other activities are agriculture, broker services, securities operations, financial market.

Limited Liability Company «Vermihaus»

The company is engaged in breeding of California red worm, processing of organic waste to organic fertilizer "Biohumus", as well as the production of liquid       concentrated organic fertilizer (Biovit).

Limited Liability Company «Bruk-Bet»

The “Bruk-Bet” company is engaged in the production of concrete articles (vibrocasting, vibropressed paving slabs, concrete evro-fences, landscaping objects). The company is also a representative of Lugansk plant "Litos" (facing bricks) and all its regions. Is also representative of several furniture factories in    China.

Joint Stock Company «ODESSAКONDITER»

Relying on experience of many decades, and also on basis of intensive development of new products, our enterprise lets out the wide range of qualitative confectionery 

 production,  which is constantly improved. Production provides seven technological shops which make about 250 names  confectionery.

LLC «Medical Instruments Plant – Medapparat» (LLC «MIZ-MA»)

LLC «MIZ-MA» – the modern enterprise, which specializes on issue hot air sterilizer and steam sterilizer, intended for sterilization product medical purpose: hot  air sterilizers GP-20, GP-40, GP-80, GP-160, FR-160, GP-320, FR-320, GP-640, FR-640, FR-1300 steam sterilizers GK-10, GK-20. All products, including development of the last years, correspond to the modern standard and requirements.

Public Joint Company  «NASOSENERGOMASH Pump & Power Engineering Works Sumy»

The “NASOSENERGOMASH” JSC, Sumy, Ukraine is the largest enterprise in machine-building complex of Ukraine and CIS, which is specialized in the production of pumping equipment for thermal and nuclear power industry.

Branch  Limited Liability Company «Allseeds Black Sea» Vegetable Oil Terminal»

The company has its roots in trading and is one of the largest independent sunflower oil exporters in Ukraine. Also, Allseeds operates a brand new vegetable oil transshipment terminal in port Yuzhny(Black Sea), the port with the highest draft   port in Ukraine.


SENSI Ltd. is one of the leading OEM of high pressure piston compressors for air, technological gases, natural gas with capacities from 37 kW to 700 kW and with pressure up to 400 Bar(g). The company was established in 1993.


Line of business: development, Design, Manufacture, Repair of the component parts and units of compressor and pump equipment, special pumps, including elastic couplings, plain bearings with high damping properties, which is confirmed by certificate ISO 9001:2008

Public Joint-Stock Company «Tsyurupinskoe»

Tsyurupinsk wine factory was founded in the city of Tsyurupinsk, Kherson region in 1943. The company specializes in production of alcoholic beverages – “Cognac of Ukraine” (Brandy of Ukraine), wine, wine materials, and alcohol for brandy production. Our share of Ukrainian market was in 2013 about 11%.

Private Joint Stock Company YUZHMORMONTAZH

The full range of our services includes the following:

Assembling portal cranes, Assembling coal cranes, Assembling container port and back cranes, Assembling bridge, gantry and special cranes, Assembling shiploading equipment and specialized complexes…

Public joint-stock company «House of Vintage Cognacs «Tavria»

Tavria, House of Vintage Cognacs is one of the oldest wineries/distilleries in Eastern Europe, founded in 1889. Today we are the leading Ukrainian producer of brandy, wine and mixed wine products, with an assortment of over 30 trade names. For our drinks we implement classic double-distillation technology, the same one traditionally used by French Cognac producers.

Public Joint Stock Company «Rembyttekhnika – Kherson»

Today the company produces reinforced-plastic structures and heating boilers; provides a variety of services and performs a wide range of works including repairs of household appliances and watches, transport services, automotive repair and sales of automotive spare parts, etc.

Public Joint Stock Company «Uzhgorodsky Turbogaz»

PJSC "Uzhgorodsky Turbogaz"  created in 1976 is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industry, specializing in the production of equipment for extraction, processing, treatment, transportation and storage of oil and gas, items of commercial accounting of gas flow, power equipment of compressor stations, electrical isolation and electrochemical protection of pipelines and power equipment and spare parts for gas stations.

The private enterprise «ELTIZ»

The private enterprise «ELTIZ» is one of the Ukrainian plants designing and producing dry power transformers, electric reactors and inductance chokes. The production is organized on the basid of complete cycle without involving         third-pasties and is situated on own industrial site with all necessary buildings,    constructions and infrastructure.

Tavrian casting company «TALKO»

Tavrian casting company «TALKO» is an active enterprise with modern approaches to business in the field of casting production which incorporates the    following production subdivisions; aluminum casting shop produces castings by means of chill casting and die casting: steel casting shop produces investment castings; machine assembly shop produces parts and finished units.

LLC «Triada Ltd»

LLC «Triada Ltd» in the market of welding equipment since 1992. The company has been supplying electrical and gas welding equipment, automated welding lines and systems.

Roll Grand, ltd

Manufacture and wholesale of spare parts and components for gates console.


Export and import of  metal, engineering, food and other production; investment activity

Restricted liability society «MASHZAVOD»

Mashzavod Ltrd manufactures steel welded vessels and apparatuses, working     under pressure up to 15.2 Mpa (160 kgf/cm2) under loading and in vacuum with diameter up to 4000 mm made of carbon, low-alloyed, high-alloyed, heat-resist       ing steel, bimetal for processing, refining and petrochemical enterprises, gas- and oil transmission pipe-lines (systems), for gas and oil-field development, LPG terminals, for chemical industry and fertilizers production and other non-typical custom-made equipment.

ASTARTA ( Limited Liability Company Firm «Astarta-Kyiv» )

Founded in 1993, «Astarta–Kyiv» is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding specializing in sugar and agricultural production. It has proven to be a growing, transparent company, as well as a reliable partner and supplier.

Public Joint Stock Company «Dneprovagonmash»

PJSC «Dneprovagonmash» is one of leading enterprises in the field of designing and manufacturing of the cargo main and industrial wagons reputed the innovator of wagon building and the greatest in the CIS the nomenclature of this production. The company develops and manufactures more than 160 models of wagons.

OJSC «Turboatom»

OJSC «Turboatom» - is the main scientific organization of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine of power machine building and it is a part of leading turbine building firms of the world.

PJSC «Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant»

PJSC «Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant» comprises the unique complex including three technological shops situated on one production site: shop of canned condensed milk with sugar, shop of whole-milk products with sectors for manufacture of sweet cream butter, ultra high-temperature treated milk and curd products, shop for manufacture of dry milk products.


«INDAR» is modern biopharmaceutical manufacturer of high quality products in full compliance with GMP standards.

«StateFoodandGrain Corporation of Ukraine» Public Joint-Stock Company

State Food andGrainCorporationofUkraine” Public Joint-Stock Company is the national operator of Ukrainian grain market, the leader in storing, processing, shipping and export of grains.

Public Joint Stock Company «Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association»

Provide integrated solutions using own engineering, manufacturing and installation/commissioning potential providing up to 90% of self-fabricated products within the scope.

YuzhnoyeStateDesign Office namedafterM.K.Yangel

Yuzhnoye State Design Office is one of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world in the field of space technology development.


Company activity: design, development and manufacturing of gas turbines with rated power from 2,5MW up to 60MW for power generation, mechanical drives and marine propulsion.

Public Joint Stock Company “Myronivsky Hliboproduct» (MHP)

PJSC «Myronivsky Hliboproduct» is the leading Ukrainian agro-industrial company. Founded in 1998, the company primarily focuses on rearing chickens as well as producing and selling high-quality chicken products. MHP is truly vertically-oriented company. In its determination to become self-sufficient the company grows its own grain to supply its fodder mills; produces feed for its two breeder and five chicken farms.

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