Assistance to Ukraine
16 March 2022 17:46

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy launched the U24 global initiative. 

Its goal is to unite people from all over the world in their desire to help Ukraine. 

United24 starts as fundraising platform. It will be the main option for collecting donations to support Ukraine. 

United24 provides the ability to make a one-click donation from any country. The funds are distributed in three areas of assistance: 
  • Defense and demining
  • Humanitarian and medical aide
  •  Reconstruction of Ukraine
All funds are being transferred  to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine, assigned to the relevant ministries: 
  •  Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  •  Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  •  Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
The platform combines both new accounts and those that the NBU has opened to raise funds to support Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24 and which have been widely distributed by the media. 
The NBU provides reports on the receipt of charitable contributions once every 24 hours. 

To make a donation, go to the platform's website:

Every donation is a significant contribution to the victory of Ukraine .

Banque CBAO, BANQUE: SN012

GUICHET: 012021, N° DE COMPTE: 036173487303, CLE RIB: 67

The Humanitarian Aid website is made for everyone who wants to help Ukraine.

Here you can get the following information:

• how to send and to whom address humanitarian aid
• how to transfer funds to support army or to help affected civilians
• contacts of foreign and Ukrainian humanitarian hubs, etc

The platform was developed by Office of the President of Ukraine and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Thank you for being with Ukraine!

State hotline for those wishing to provide humanitarian assistance to the population or support the Ukrainian military and territorial defence fighters.
For calls from Ukraine (free of charge) - 0 800 202 600
For calls from other countries (the number can also be used for calls from Ukraine at the rates of the respective operator) - +380 44 237 00 02
Thank you for your contribution to the Victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

More about hotline:
Humanitarian aid HQ team is tasked by the Government of Ukraine with coordination of requests received via the state hotline service related to provision to the humanitarian aid to Ukraine from abroad. 
We collect and process such information in coordination with the state authorities mandated to aggregate information about needs on the ground, arrange logistics and timely distribution of aid to the people in need.
Upon receiving you request, out team member will get in touch with you to input the details on your shipment in the central database and share with you the information lacking to ensure transportation of your humanitarian aid products to collection warehouses outside Ukraine or in Western Ukraine (international hubs, transportation rules, border crossing etc.).

  1. Grain (wheat, maïs, buckwheat, oat, rice)
  2. Canned food (fish, meat)
  3. Hard cheese
  4. Nuts, dried fruits
  5.  Biscuits, crackers
  6.  Packed Biscuits
  7. Pasta, noodle, spaghetti
  8. Dry food (soup, vermicelli)
  9.  Pasteurized milk (or powdered milk)
  10. Tea, coffee
  1. Doliprane (Paracetamol, pressed  500 mg)
  2. Meloxicam (or other analgetic)
  3. Cifran, (Ciprofloxacin (pressed 500 mg))
  4. Individual sterile dressing package with elastic first aid compression component with protective moisture-resistant shell
  5. Sterile gause bandages
  6. Chemical remedy to stop bleeding
  7. Sterile gause bandages
  8. Non woven adhesive plaster
  9. Nitrile non-sterile medical examination gloves
  10. Thermo blanket on a polyethylene basis
  11. Mechanical remedy to stop bleeding
  12. Nasopharyngeal airway (airway, tube) with lubricant
  13. Scissors for cutting closes and shoes
  14. Disposable syringes with needles (different size)
  15. Elastic band
  16. Garrot
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